Chuyến đi thực tế tham quan doanh nghiệp – Công ty Canifa


   On the afternoon of December 23, 2022, Foreign Trade University’s Institute of Economics and International Business successfully organized a field trip for more than 150 students of Block 4 of Foreign Economic Relations and Block 2 of International Business Course. 61 to Canifa Company in Van Giang – Hung slot gacor Yen. This is one of the extra-curricular activities under the “Career development skills” module organized by the Institute to help students have the opportunity to experience the real environment at enterprises, in order to shorten the gap between theory and practice. and practice, helping students have the most authentic view of the future working environment.

   Leading the visiting delegation was Mr. Vu Thi Quynh Van – President of the Union of Institute of Economics and International Business and teachers in the Institute.

Photo 1: Students lined up to prepare to visit Canifa Company

   Canifa Company in Van Giang – Hung Yen slot online is impressed by the green, fresh and close to nature architectural space. The building is mainly made of glass, electrical equipment such as air conditioners and electric lights are minimized but still ensure a working space with full light and airy. This is also the pioneer to receive the LEED international certificate of energy saving and positive impact on the living environment.

Photo 2: Students listen to an introduction about Canifa

   Coming to Canifa, the students received a very enthusiastic and friendly welcome from the company. Although the work is still very busy, the staff of the human resources department still take the time to share very interesting information about Canifa. In particular, you also heard directly from Ms. Nguyen Thanh Phuong – Human Resources Director of Canifa introducing Canifa’s vision and mission of bringing Joy to millions of Vietnamese families, knowing more about the history of formation, Canifa’s corporate structure, recruitment process, and Canifa’s community volunteering activities in recent years.

   During the exchange, students from Block 4 of Foreign Economic Relations and Block 2 of International Business also actively shared their feelings about Canifa’s journey, enthusiastically asking questions about real opportunities. The focus, scale and approach to customers that Canifa has applied in recent years, especially during the crisis period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo 3: Ms. Quynh Van on behalf of the Institute gave a thank-you gift to the representative of Canifa

   On behalf of the Institute of Economics and International Business, Ms. Quynh Van thanked the Board of Directors of Canifa Joint Stock Company and the company’s representatives for enthusiastically supporting the students, helping them to have a better understanding. know the facts and details of the operation of a large enterprise in fact.

Photo 4: Visiting at Canifa Hung Yen Production Warehouse

   After being briefly introduced to Canifa Company, more than 150 students were divided into 4 groups to visit the factory under the enthusiastic guidance of representatives of Canifa company. Students can directly witness the company’s modern and professional product production process. Before reaching consumers, Canifa’s products must undergo meticulous production and rigorous testing… to ensure product quality, safety and comfort for consumers. That is also the reason why the new students are not only excited but also surprised and admired by the company’s special production process.

Photo 5: The delegation of the Institute of International Economics and Business took a group photo in Canifa

   At the end of the field trip, the new students of the Institute of Economics and International Business learned a lot about the development and transformation of the textile industry of Vietnam in general and Canifa in particular. Along with the lessons off the page, the trip is also an effective form of connection between teachers and students in the Institute. Listening to your company’s sharing has created an opportunity for students to have a more specific view of the desired working environment and partly plan their own career path.

   Feeling the energy and enthusiasm along with the sincerity in the meaningful gifts from Canifa, the visiting group of the Institute of International Economics and Business would like to thank you for your contribution. create motivation, interest in learning and experience for foreign trade students. May Canifa with its long-standing core values ​​grow and reach further in the international market, always bringing joy to all families and all ages.

   It is hoped that in the not too distant future, students will come to Canifa not only as a business visit but also as dedicated colleagues, walking side by side and dedicating to Canifa’s development journey.