The School of Economics & International Business was established in 1960 along with the establishment of the Foreign Trade University.

This is a prestigious training institution in the field of International Trade and Economics, in which International Business Economics is traditionally the most reputed field of study.

The School of Economics and International Business is the key unit in lecturing and training undergraduate and postgraduate students major in economics and international trade. In addition, the School’s lecturers also teach courses in business administration, finance and banking, business English, business Japanese, business French, business Chinese.

During the time studying at Foreign Trade University, students of the School are equipped with a comprehensive specialized knowledge and ability to use fluently one foreign language among English, Russian, French, Japanese, Chinese, etc. The rate of good and excellent graduates accounts for about 70% of graduates every year. Many students have won high prizes in both indoor and outdoor competitions such as the Young Entrepreneur Talent Contest; National Students scientific research, Creative ideas of capital development, Finding out 75 years of establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam … Most students of the School upon graduation can find suitable jobs and are highly appreciated by the soceity and recruitment agencies. Many alumnies of the School of Economics and International Business are now taking on important positions in organizations and businesses operating in the field of external economics of the country.


The School of Economics

International Business




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